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Come join us to experience our iconic Italian cuisine which originated right in the heart of Little Italy!


Welcome To Angelo's Little Italy

The classic family owned restaurant that lived in the heart of Little Italy for over 50 incredible years dating back to the late 1960s, Angelo's became a staple not only to New York City but world wide.

Finally, I have decided to venture on my own and bring the taste of Little Italy to Amityville. Learn more about my story and the history of Angelo's below!


Welcome To Angelo's Little Italy

In 1965 my parents, Glovanni and Enza Aprea, came from Naples, Italy to the United States.

Shortly after arriving, my grandfather took my dad to Little Italy. They came upon a restaurant called Angelo's of Mulberry Street. As his reason to come to the U.S. was to pursue the American Dream, my dad wasted no time and was hired to work in the kitchen prepping food that very day - soon after he was promoted to line cook.

My parents, now settled in Brooklyn, New York, had two children, my brother Rino and me. Life was great. Their dream was coming true and it was about to get even better!

Just five years later, my dad was offered to buy Angelo's and without hesitation, he became the owner of the iconic restaurant.

As children, my brother and I enjoyed spending time at the restaurant - it was fascinating - I went as often as I could. Growing up in Angelo's taught me so many life lessons: commitment, reliability, teamwork, hard work and sacrifice. Most of all, I was taught to treat people with respect.

After graduating high school in 1988, I told my dad that I wanted to learn the restaurant business. He said he would teach me but said there would be no special treatment or shortcuts; I would have to learn the business the same way he did, starting with the basics. It didn't take me long to fall in love with it and I began working all the time - from prepping food in the kitchen, to learning exclusive recipes, taking reservations, hosting, bartending and over three decades, I learned it all!

I must add that it wasn't all work, we had a lot of fun, too. Angelo's hosted some of the biggest names in various industries including sports, entertainment, media and even celebrity chefs from other restaurants among many more, but my personal favorite moment was meeting President Ronald Regan! Some of you might have an Angelo's memory or two of your own!

Giovanni and Enza turned Angelo's into the NYC staple that it was for 50 wonderful years until the doors were sadly closed in 2017 after my dad's passing.

It's now time for my journey and I am excited to serve you at Angelo's of Amityville where I am bringing the very best of the past to the present. It's my mission to maintain the flavors of authentic Italian food that remind me of my mother's kitchen!

Bon appetite.


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What People are Saying

“Love love love this place, spent my youth going to Angelo’s in little Italy , I’ve been dying to find spedini like that !Every thing was exceptional!The owner Tina is a doll,I will be back for sure❤️❤️❤️"

Kristin Laria

“Beautiful place & great atmosphere”

“Beautiful place with nice atmosphere. Our food was delicious and a nice wine selection as well.“

Frank Marcovecchio

“Best Italian Food”

“Some of the best Italian food on Long Island. Highly recommend“

Stephen Ciccone

“Great food & service”

“Beautiful place, Amazing food, amazing staff the service was great, had a great time there !!!!”

Jacki Kronemberg





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